Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What will I pair with black next time?

Black and ___ is my fallback color scheme whenever I just can't muster the effort to put together something more artistic.

But when I do go with black and blank, I go all the way. So naturally when I put on a black and red dress, I don't go halfway with the accessorizing. I wore red tights and black boots and a black duster.

To really mix things up, I put on a silver and white necklace. I wish I'd had plain silver, but I really don't. Need to work on incorporating some simple basics into my jewelry collection.

Do not, on the other hand, need to work any more shoes into my collection. The black boots are just one of many pairs of relatively new shoes that have not yet made an appearance on this blog (I can count 5 others that are still waiting to even be worn). I bought them for a song at Goodwill while on a business trip in Portland (this was the morning after I broke the heel on the black shoes I'd brought with me, so they were a natural replacement), but after wearing them the whole day, I'm pretty certain they don't go well with bare legs or tights. They make my ankles look too scrawny. I think from now on I'll try to wear them over socks or jeans.

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