Saturday, December 14, 2013

The perils of dressing in the dark


I really wanted to wear these blue metallic shoes, as I've only worn them once and I've had them for a couple months.

Last night, though I tried several things (including an all-white ensemble, which I'll have to try sometime when I have better choices than a too-short blouse), I ultimately went with a comfy blue knit shirt and grey pants. The shirt went well with the shoes under the dim yellowish light of my bedroom at night.

Unfortunately, when I arrived in the office, the truth was revealed. The shoes have a hint of periwinkle, which is to say, they put out warm purplish reflections, which clashed with the straight subdued navy (which leans toward green if it leans at all) of my shirt.

I spent all day feeling mildly ashamed of my color choices.

I'm beginning to think I should invest in a very bright full-spectrum lamp just for picking out clothes at night. It wouldn't hurt to have it around for photography either.

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