Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hot on the tail of fashion

Animal faces on clothes really peaked last summer, and being an UNfashionista, I jumped on the train just as it was losing steam, acquiring 3 tacky cat shirts near the end of the summer!

No mind that I am about a year behind the cutting edge, I really love cats on clothes!

The first buy was Galacticat, which I'm sure you remember after its blazing public success in September.

The second was more of a blistering failure, when I forgot to specify my desired color (black) and ended up with a grey cat face on a grey background, which is so ugly I refuse to wear it and can't even imagine I'll get any money reselling it. 

The third was this marvelous huge sad cat T-shirt that I got for just 5 dollars in the men's department at Urban Outfitters. Yes, I felt like a true baller for shopping at such an above-my-station venue, and I felt like I had true balls for shopping in men's. Of course, I worried that the 5 dollar price tag indicates that this trend is already on the outs, but I see that they still have plenty of other tacky cat shirts on their website! Maybe if I'm lucky, it'll stay cool long enough for me to wear it next spring, after I've applied my magic scissors and made it a little more my style. (Stay tuned for that DIY.)

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