Monday, December 16, 2013

The tree was in the wood

When planning today's outfit, I wanted to make sure these unbelievably fab wood-grain boots took center stage and not the clothes. So I threw one piece of clothing after another on the floor next to them, looking for the perfect, understated complement.

I kept coming back to this brown sweater dress, but it's much too short to wear by itself to work. And though I tried brown and tan leggings in various shades, they were always too light in color and thus too eye-catching.

Finally I went with something that always gives me trepidations about wearing in public—loose pants under the dress. This look has the potential to be very frumpy indeed, but since the dress wasn't too loose, I think it passes muster.

I tied on a belt in a lighter shade to break up the monotonous expanse of dark brown. With all that brown going on, especially with the wood grain on the shoes, I reminded myself slightly of a dead tree in winter—so naturally I had to wear my brown leaf earrings!

The seller of the boots suggested, "Pair them with an all black outfit to make them stand out even more!" I think that's a great idea to try out next time!

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