Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall makes me blue

Fall used to be my favorite season. Not any more. Now the falling of the leaves and the slow insidious chilling of the air fills me with a sense of dread. The day when I decide I can no longer wear sleeveless shirts is a day of mourning.

Thus it is fitting, that when that day came for me (today*), I chose an all-blue outfit, reflective of my general state of melancholy.

There is, however always a plus side. Today I have two!

1. In adding bike shorts under my skirt so that I could bike to work without fear of flashing anyone, I discovered a neat solution for a common wardrobe woe. Style Tip Prevent a tucked-in shirt from bunching and bulging by tucking it into a skin-tight underlayer.

See any bulges there? I think not!

2. The onset of fall does mean I get unlimited use of my favorite type of footwear: boots! Today I wore a fresh new pair. Just take a look at them and marvel. Thanks.

*Some of you may be noting that the weather forecast calls for temperatures in the 80s this weekend, which is definitely warm enough for sleeveless shirts, even for a poikilotherm such as myself. But, this weekend is a particularly warm exception to a string of forecasts in the low-to-mid 70's, and it doesn't look like I'll get to wear sleeveless shirts at work any more this year.

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  1. In your first picture you look so sad and blue. It reminds me of a painting of an old guitarist I once created.