Monday, September 15, 2014

First of Autumn

I wear this dress once a year (here's last year's appearance).

Maybe sometimes, it's twice, but every year, around the second week of September, I suddenly remember I have a dress that's sleeveless for warm weather, yet colored in oranges and browns for autumn.

Yesterday, believing the Weather Channel when they told me today's high would be almost 80 (the warmest day of the week), I pulled it out of my closet and set it out to be worn with my wine-colored rose-toed shoes. Last night, realizing that it was going to be right chilly in the morning even if it warmed up in the afternoon, I started seeking additional layers to keep me warm until the air caught up with my body temperature.

I've worn this dress with a brown blazer, and I've worn it with a tan blazer, but today I mixed it up and wore it with a tan blouse instead! Buttoning the blouse all the way up gave this outfit the appearance of a two-piece set with a matching scarf, and I'm kind of pleased with how it turned out.

Good thing I planned for cold, because the weather never did catch up with my body temperature, and I was forced to wear the blouse all day.

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  1. So long. It looks like you have a new office. I hope it keeps you warm over the next few months.