Saturday, September 6, 2014

I shot for the moon and missed.

If rainbows are my favorite color scheme, stars might very well be my favorite motif. Stars and moons together, though? That's not just my favorite, that's my identity! I'm surprised it's taken me this long to come up with an outfit that combines them both.

I started with the aqua dress, since I haven't touched it all summer, and summer is rapidly ending. I enjoy accessorizing this dress, because it's a solid color that can be worn with almost anything! Last time I featured it, it was with an oceanic theme, so this time I decided to look to the sky instead! I hadn't worn my star sandals enough this year, and I had a silver star necklace waiting in my still-unworn jewelry basket, so a celestial theme was a logical choice.

What really launches this outfit to the next level (possibly to the level of thematic overload, though I personally don't believe in such a thing) is the moon pendant, which I found while digging through the aforementioned jewelry basket. Moon? Stars? A match made in the heavens? Have I reached thematic overload now? Perhaps, but even if it was a failure, it was worth trying.

After all, they always say, "Shoot for the moon," they say. "Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." While anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of astronomy could tell you this is logically flawed advice, it does provide great inspiration...for an outfit, at least!

What's really cool about this whole combination is that I was originally planning to wear two necklaces, one inside the other...but I forgot to bring a chain for the moon pendant. So being the resourceful little Unfashionista I am, I attached the necklace to the dress with a safety pin. Tada! Instant brooch! And it fit there even better than it probably would have done dangling from a chain. Ha! This time I think my terrible aim (read: forgetfulness) certainly landed me among the stars!

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  1. Whoever took those great pictures is out of this world!