Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gypsy sweetheart

The last time I wore this skirt (not too long ago), I went the dark and mysterious route with lots of black. Today, I'm turning the tables and trying to exude light and innocence.

Check it: pastel ruffly blouse and pale glittery sandals...can I pause for just a moment and say how glad I am that I bought these sandals? When I found them in the store last summer, I was debating between these and a similar black pair. Although I wasn't certain these would go with very much, I bought them because I already had black sandals. As it turns out, Style Tip Pastel rainbow glitter doubles as an unexpected neutral! So I've been able to wear these shoes with a number of outfits...though my favorite pairing is with pink.

Back on subject, though: what else is usually pink? Hearts! I decided to amp up they cutesy in this outfit by wearing all my heart-themed jewelry. From my necklace to my earrings to the jangly charm bracelet that is amazingly impractical for working at a keyboard, they are all chock-full of hearts!

As far as hair is concerned, nothing says sweetness like a braid crown (except maybe a soft cascade of glossy ringlets, which we've already established I will never achieve). Feast your eyes, and do it quickly, because the second-hardest thing to do with my hair is to keep it up on top of my head with only a few well hidden bobby pins.

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