Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Same vest, just less

I used to be vehemently opposed to vests. With my thermoregulation problems, I always found them way impractical (why would I want to heat up my frequently overheated core and leave my icy extremities unprotected!?). But in the past few years, I have come to understand that the right vest can be ideal for many purposes.

Leverage the power of the vest!

Use it to cover up a skimpy or strapless top for the office in the summer—without adding sleeves that have the potential to make you too hot. Or use it any time of year to add a little punch to an otherwise boring solid-colored top. Mind you, the vest for the above purposes is lightweight, airy, and has an open front. A pullover vest or a very conservative button-up that completely covers your torso would defeat the purpose. 

As it turns out, there's one more kind of vest that's completely worthless as well: the too-large formal-style vest.

I got this satin purple one in the same eBay haul that brought me the sequined camisoleRenaissance shirt, and green-and-red tank top. This not-so beauty is the last vestige (get it!?) of that lot that I haven't worn or resold. Every time I tried it on, I thought "ugh, that looks so terrible! Maybe next outfit," yet I refused to just let it go for good, because vests can be so useful (see above)!

Finally I realized I was never going to wear it in its natural state (about 3 sizes too big despite being labeled a small, awkwardly short, and embarrassingly reminiscent of trends gone by), so I'd better get cracking and make it into something I would wear.

I folded the front edges under, right at the point on the bottom edge, and right where the collar began at the top.

Then it occurred to me to lop off and save all the buttons—nice to have in my stash!

I pinned assiduously, because this slippery fabric was just an accident waiting to happen!

Then I ironed it just to be safe!

I sewed up the front seams, then, because there was a rather large flap of excess fabric on the underside, which I worried would constantly be showing its face, I hand-stitched it to the lining at the top to help keep it folded under.

This picture shows the fronts bottom edges after they were all finished.

Then I wore it! I paired it with a bright pink dress. I added a gold-tone necklace, gold earrings, gold hair clips, and  neutral shoes, so the more colorful dress and vest could take center stage.

Is there something on your lens, or am I just dreamy?

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