Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to bombshell

Since I moved to an apartment on the 1st, my clothing collection has been neither here nor there. That is to say, bits of it have been here, bits of it have been there, and I can't find any of it anywhere. Fortunately, after 5 days of hard work, I've gotten it into some semblance of order. That is to say, I now mostly know which bits are here and which bits are there, so today I was able to assemble my first blogworthy outfit since the ides of September (Don't let last week's posts fool you; both of those were outfits from early September that I'd just been too busy to share)!

I started with this Betsey Johnson lace-up front dress that I got at the thrift store for a steal last spring. Betsey Johnson sometimes has a very Bettie Paige aesthetic ... Or maybe I'm just conflating their names ... but in any case, I decided to take the punkish pinup-girl as inspiration (highly toned down for the office!) for today's outfit.

I added a new pair of red faux-suede platform pumps with a slightly flared sassy heel and wore them over rose-patterned lace tights. Since roses were now the theme of the day, I put on a pair of red rose earrings. For my finishing touch, I twisted up my hair into a product-free, quick-and-easy modern take on victory rolls!

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