Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rainbow Bright

I've had this rainbow colored tiered skirt longer than almost anything else in my wardrobe. I wore it a few times, back when prairie skirts were the thing, but mostly it's just been sitting in the back of my closet, awaiting an occasion appropriate for an extremely bright colored, extremely voluminous skirt.

Sadly, that occasion never came, and finally I decided I was tired of waiting. I would just wear it to work. I've been lowering my standards for appropriate occasions a lot lately.

Way back when, I used to wear this skirt with a lime green top or a sky-blue T-shirt, both of which are long gone. However, I recently acquired this never-worn short-sleeve sweater, which happened to be just the right pastel purple to seamlessly continue the rainbow gradient.

I finished off the look with my glittery neutral sandals. Which were a mistake, considering the temperature didn't rise above 60 degrees until afternoon. I spent most of the day in my sneakers, only daring to put on the sandals when I was forced to leave my office to visit the bathroom.

1 comment:

  1. Just stopped in to say that your top is the perfect shade of purple! Now back to reading my book on fashion.