Friday, November 13, 2015


The time to wear my new boots is now. I went with the burgundy ones, getting a bit of a fright when I took them out of the box and (months past the returnable date) found the zipper on one completely stuck! Note to self: Always try on both shoes when you first get them, even if you are tempted to keep them neatly packaged until the first day to wear them! Fortunately, a little lip balm to lubricate it helped me get the zipper open and the boot on.

I wore them with this paisley orange and brown shift dress. I consider this pairing a victory over myself, since usually I try to wear shoes that match a color in my outfit—so bourgeois! This time I really took a risk and wore ... an analogous color! Wow, what a daredevil.

Anyway, it's getting chilly out and this dress is a little short, so I also wore brown opaque tights, and finished the look off with some unobtrusive jewelry in natural colors.

You're also getting a first look at my new (somewhat scruffy for lack of a blow-dry) asymmetrical haircut!

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