Sunday, November 8, 2015

Are you ready, boots?

I might have mentioned this before, but in my mind, the only good thing about cold weather is that it means I get to wear boots! I love boots. I deliberately pack away all my boots over the summer so that I have something to look forward to when fall comes and I can take them out again.

This year, I had to wait extra-long to bring out my fall footwear because I needed to keep them boxed until I moved to my new domicile at the end of September. Then the weather warmed up, causing me to neglect my boots a little longer. So today, to really make the most of the moment and deliver the delayed-but-no-more-welcomed winter a powerful kick in the face, I'm going to take a moment to personally celebrate my boot collection!

This fall, I have 4 new pairs of boots that have never stepped outside—the fuzzy, slightly sparkly, thigh-high black platform boots which I'm sure will brighten up many a winter day for me a little later this year, this white pair, which I got last spring after deciding that sometimes winter white just isn't white enough, a burgundy pair of knee-high boots that fulfills my long-held need for a pair of reddish boots, and one more pair of black lace-ups.

Even though I went above and beyond with the new acquisitions this summer, I have plenty of older boots still worthy of affection.

Oh, boots, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
1. I love you when you have low heels! Your sensible, sturdy construction makes you the perfect thing to slip under a pair of flared pants and run out for a quick errand! No pressure on my toes when I'm rocking you! Combat boots, you deserve a special place in my heart, for being the only boot that also keeps me dry and warm and stylish on chilly rainy summer days as well.
2. I love you when you are knee-high! What a glorious tool for keeping me warm in winter while still enabling me to wear short skirts! You also do wonders for making my ankles look less scrawny!

3. I love you when you are thigh-high! You really know how to turn a boring outfit into an edgy one! Under skirts or over pants, you always look cool and keep me warm!

4. I love you when you are colorful! For a long time, I thought shoes should be sensible neutral colors so they could go with everything...but then you showed me how bright, impractical colors can bring me true joy!

5. I love you when you lace up! Up the front, up the back, up the side...your laces hold me in your thrall!

6. I love you when you are fuzzy! Your (faux) fur trim gives me one more reason to hold you in reserve until winter, when you can warm the cockles of my heart and the tops of my calves just when I need you the most (in the midst of seasonal depression)!

7. I love you when you glitter! Boots alone are fabulous, but boots with sparkle are glamorous!

8. I love you when you are oversized! Unlike tops, there can be no boot that is too bulky. And when you are enormous in size and outlandish in color and festooned with laces all in one, there is no doubt that you win the day!

Now that I have professed my love for winter footwear, I feel like I'm mentally prepared to take on the season in style!

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