Monday, November 30, 2015

Matched set to bralette

This bright chartreuse lace bra was a gift. I wore it for a while, but it had an annoying habit of peeking out of my shirts and rearing its very neon head.

This bra was born for the spotlight, and it just wasn't thriving in its behind the scenes (or under the clothes) role. I decided to convert it into something that could truly live up to its potential for stealing the show.

My inspiration was the Victoria's Secret Pink Lace Bralette. Bralettes are all the rage right now.

As you can see from the picture here, I happened to have a pair of lace panties that were almost the exact same color as the bra.

So I cut the panties into a long strip with the original front seam lined up with the front of the bra, the original waistband forming the bottom edge, and the back open.

I little light hand-stitching attached the two pieces together along the bottom edge of the bra.

I experimented with using some of the original bra hooks to close the back, but that ended up leaving weird gaping patches, so instead, I sewed a new seam down the back, making it a pull-on garment.

The original bra still has its hooks, although it is so stretchy it's almost easier to just pull the whole thing over my head than to mess around with trying to clasp it from behind.

After a nip here, a tuck there, and the obligatory tying up of loose ends, I had created the finished product! Tada!

Even though this new bralette is slightly more modest than the original bra, I can't really imagine any occasion in which I'd actually feel comfortable prancing around in a glorified undergarment —explaining why my mannequin is modeling the finished look instead of me.

But still, I'll keep it around for a while. It might look good under something sheer and black, or maybe to an EDM concert if I get really daring.

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