Thursday, December 17, 2015

Birthday shoes

For the second year running (here's the first), I splurged and bought myself an extra-special pair of shoes for my birthday. If I keep it up for one year, I think I can consider it an official tradition!

These sparkly rabbity babies were a cool 200 dollars, and those were some of the best 200 I ever spent! I have never worn such a comfortable pair of heels. Not only that, but the box they came in was awesome, the little painting on the soles was awesome, and every detail was awesome! They were manufactured by Irregular Choice, and, although I've been stalking the brand for over a year, after buying a pair of their shoes, I now know I'm a true fan!

Anyway, you may wonder why, with my birthday being in August, it took me until now to post about my birthday shoes. Well, as usual, I was waiting for the perfect occasion. I waited 4 and a half months. I contemplated saving them for New Year's, but then my boyfriend's birthday happened. If a birthday celebration isn't the perfect occasion for sequined shoes with bunnies on them, I don't know what is. I worried I'd be a little overdressed for happy hour, but I'd rather be overdressed and fabulous than appropriately dressed and boring, so I broke out the bunnies and found an appropriately playful outfit to wear with them during our drinks&dinner outing in DC.
Four strangers approached me to tell me how much they loved my shoes. Almost enough to make up for the intense pain of wearing high heels with a broken toe whilst walking all around Georgetown (In addition to overestimating the long-term comfort of the shoes, I had also mistakenly believed that we would park within a few blocks of our destination and set up shop, not wander all around the city for 3 hours).

That minor hiccup aside, I am very pleased with my birthday shoes and can't wait to bring them out again!

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