Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bruise colors for bruised feet

It is trendy these days to proclaim that all former fashion bets are off; all previous rules are void; and anything you want to try, you should try. Apparently there were all these fashion rules I never learned. One of the old rules I missed out on was "Never wear black with blue" (black with brown was another prohibited combination). Apparently that was a faux pas back in the day, but now it is a celebrated statement. So I'm quite certain today's outfit is trendy in the extreme.

I started with a plain black shirt-dress, and since it has short sleeves and the 70-degree weather of yesterday has sadly reverted to more December-like temps, I covered it with a cobalt blue sweater. A blue necklace and earrings were a necessary addition, and that left me with just one decision—what to wear on my feet?

Even before my toes collided with fate, I was making an effort to bring more flat shoes into my wardrobe, because what's the point of wearing fabulous heels if they just ruin your body to the point where you can never wear them again? But now that my toe is broken, comfort is even more important. So last weekend, on a trip to Rugged Wearhouse, I invested in 4 pairs of flats: some navy blue ballet flats, a pair of light brown loafers, some seafoam green sneakers, and a backup pair of black ballet flats, to use when my current pair bites the dust. All this for 36 dollars! Needless to say, I was pretty excited with my find...and excited to show off my new sensible taste.

Here you go! Navy blue quilted ballet flats, at my service!
Also pictured: Bubalou, the newest, most neurotic addition to my household.
You can read all about him right here.

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