Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wedding on the Beach

I've actually owned this dress for 3 years without wearing it. Normally when I have an article of clothing that's gone unused that long, I would consider it unwearable and let it go. But I knew that someday, some day, I would be able to attend an event worthy of such a dress, and finally the event came in the form of the second of two weddings for the same couple. This time, the venue was a beach on Hawaii, and the color scheme was unspecified, so I was able to wear the green dress as planned.

Of course, I had to do a ton of alterations first—sew in some pads so I could wear it without a bra, shorten the straps, lift up the plunging V-neckline, and sew the sash down at the waistline so it didn't sag.

Since I was heading to the tropics and wanted to celebrate, I didn't skimp on the summery pastels in the rest of my outfit. Mirroring the pale pink gems in the buckle, I wore a pair of pink glittery jelly sandals.

I put on pale green butterfly earrings. The outfit also went strikingly well with my favorite green cat-eye sunglasses!

After the party was over, one of the wedding guests nicknamed me Tinkerbell, for my propensity to flutter around on the dance floor.

This had nothing to do with the contents of this cup in my hand, but everything to do with the pink ribbons they gave us to wave at the bride and groom after the ceremony. You can't give a girl a handful of streamers that perfectly match her outfit, and expect her not to act like a fairy!

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