Monday, April 18, 2016

A Red Wedding

My boyfriend and  were invited to two wedding celebrations for the same couple (some people just don't know when to stop!), and I was pretty stoked to have two opportunities to dress fancy within a month! The instant I heard the news, I began planning my outfits and quickly decided on two green dresses.

Then we got the official invitation. My heart fell when my boyfriend told me that the bride and groom requested that we wear red. Red! Now, red has its time and place, but when you have your heart set on a green dress, red can throw a real wrench into your plans.

Then I actually read the official invitation. It didn't say we had to wear head-to-toe red, and it didn't say we had to wear red at all; all it said was something along the lines of "We'd be honored if you wear something – even a tiny accessory – that's red." And they were having a red fashion show!

Well! That turned this dress code suggestion from a disappointing restriction into a fashion challenge! And you all know how much the Unfashionista loves a challenge!

Since I didn't feel like buying a whole red dress, what red accessories did I have in my wardrobe, and what dress could I wear with them?

Funny you should ask!

I had recently purchased a party dress from the thrift store for 5 dollars. It was a pink, cream, and burgundy paisley pattern, and I felt it would go well with a variety of shades of red. I tried it on with my trusty red hand-me-down blazer (which has unexpectedly turned into quite the wardrobe workhorse), and it was a hit!

As for shoes, I was torn among several pairs: pastel pink (cute, but really tall and uncomfortable), burgundy (classic, but a little beat-up, and I worried it would compete with the red in the blazer), and cream lace (not even a shade of red, also very unstable and liable to fall off, but looked so cute with the dress!). I ultimately decided my ability to dance at the reception was more important than having the perfect shoes, so I went with the good old burgundy ones.

Next decision was whether to wear classy silver jewelry or gaudy red earrings. Since I am who I am, I'm sure you can guess which route I took. If you're going to go red, you might as well go all the way!

I strutted my stuff on the wedding runway along with the other red-bedecked guests, received effusive compliments from the bride (I'm sure she said that to all the girls!), had a grand old time, and now look forward eagerly to the next occasion, which will be my first beach wedding!

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