Monday, April 11, 2016

Shades of Midnight

This afternoon, I had a follow-up treatment scheduled on my left leg. After the procedure, I knew I would have another 6 days of wearing compression stockings, so I wanted to make the most of my last few hours of freedom—i.e. go barelegged for the last time in a long time.

Fortunately, I had this outfit at the ready, consisting of a below-the-knee skirt and calf-high boots. Everything in the outfit is in shades of blue and purple.

I was also able to put my hair in a ponytail for the first time since getting it cut short in December. Woohoo! Infinite styling options are now at my fingertips! Fun hair should help make up for the week of boring pants that surely awaits me.
In other good news, I only have to wear the compression stocking for 5 days this time. 

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