Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rosie the Office Worker

I was finally – finally! – able to get out my spring clothes over the weekend (after a maddening series of false starts by Mother Nature), which means a wider selection of short-sleeved tops to choose from. Now, nothing in my transitional collection is ever "new," because when I do get new clothes, I either keep them out for the current season or pack them away for next summer/winter so I can reveal them all at one glorious time, so generally getting out my spring clothes is not a source of much excitement.

However, one thing in my transitional wardrobe that still feels fresh to me is this navy blue blouse with tiny white polka dots, which I think I've only worn once since it was given to me last year. I picked it out instantly from all the other pieces in my closet, finding it both office-ready and slightly playful—the perfect shirt for the first spring-clothes day at work!

I hear that red is a trendy color this year, and to my mind, polka-dots and red go together like Minnie and Mouse, so I next sought for red accessories to brighten up this otherwise bland-colored top. My red platform pumps were an obvious choice. I was getting a rather vintage vibe from the puffed-sleeve, polka-dotted top, so I denied my first instinct to wear my red chandelearrings in favor of a red neckerchief. With this bandanna as my accent, I was starting to feel like a Rosie-the-Riveter wannabe.

I had planned to wear my long-beloved white sailor pants with this outfit (what is more vintage than a sailor suit?) but alas, they were not long enough to work with my 5-inch heels, so I compromised with boring ankle-length khaki trousers. Probably for the best, as they tone down a rather costumey outfit into something more subdued for the office.

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