Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello, Sailor
Or, a drawn-out tale of Tuesday's Unfashion

It was another one of those days when I have to change my plans at the last minute. I spent Monday evening planning a brown dress with the brown snow boots, then when I read the forecast for rain Wednesday, I decided I should save them for that dreary weather. Before going to bed, I chose an all-brown ensemble, but while in bed, I realized that my planned outfit for Wednesday was also all brown, so that would never do!

In a semi-somnolent state, I remembered the white pants that had been on hold for so long and vowed to wear them the next day. I had been planning this outfit for a long time—the white pants, the purple sweater, and the cute new shoes that I hadn't been able to wear with anything since I bought them a month ago! One of the nice things about having a desk job is you aren't continually breaking your fingernails. I had been planning to paint my nails with the new mauve polish that I'd gotten in the same shopping trip as the peacock ring, whenever I wore this outfit.

Unfortunately, with only 20 minutes to get ready on Tuesday, I had to forgo the polish. I also had to do something about my hair, stat! Normally I blow-dry my hair at night, and it still looks good in the morning. This new haircut, while it looks cute in a ponytail and decent right after blowdrying, doesn't hold up overnight--as I discovered this morning when all the strands were sticking out at weird angles and the top was bulging strangely. I wet it down, blew it out, and crossed my fingers as I dashed for the bus.

Ouch! They said these were a 9!
Anyone know how to stretch out a pair of shoes,
cause I'm certainly not getting rid of them!
My new shoes are too small! And the hair definitely needs a touch-up.

But I have to say, the white pants are great. Not too long ago, I was browsing half-heartedly at one of those yuppie shops like Banana Republic or something (my boyfriend dragged me there – isn't that a role reversal – because he likes expensive clothes) when I saw a girl in the most amazing pants I'd ever seen. They were snug at the top, but started to flare slightly above the knee into a dramatically wide bell bottom. I desperately wanted some, but being me, was much too shy to ask where she'd gotten them.

Then, not 20 minutes later, I found that exact same style at Old Navy! Sailor pants, the cashier called them. Now they are mine, they are white, and I wear them proudly months before Memorial Day.

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