Friday, April 5, 2013

In the Pink

So, that shoe sale I mentioned on Wednesday....Here's what it brought me:

Snazzy black and pink high-top wedge sneakers (yes, they are at the height of fashion right now) for just seven dollars! I'm delighted — or, as they might have said in older times, in the pink of joy!

Let me fill you in a little on my thoughts on the wedge sneakers trend. I thought everyone knew about it, but two of my coworkers (one male, one female) were totally blown away when they saw them on me, so I guess it's still not quite mainstream. If you haven't noticed it yet, it basically consists of high-top sneakers à la the late 80s, perched on a wedge heel. Velcro closures seem to be popular features, but I've seen them in lace-up versions too. I've been watching the rise of this style with interest but some distaste. I've seen many wedge sneakers over the past year, but none of them really spoke to me—even though I wanted to like them, because they seemed the perfect shoe to wear with longer jeans.

But when I found these – the last of their kind – on the clearance rack at Rainbow – in my size and my color, I knew it was meant to be. I bought them right up!

At first I was mystified by that frilly bit that stuck out over the tongue, but I found a few pictures of other shoes in the same line (Rouge) on the Internet, and they all have that. It's just part of the style.

I saved them for casual Friday, then wore them the way I do best: with more pink and more black!

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