Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gray Day


I usually don't wear a whole lot of grey because I think it's boring (I also usually don't spell it "gray," but I wrote it thusly in the title so that it more closely resembled the "day" that followed it. Thank you for your understanding.), but I have accumulated a lot of new grey items this summer, so I decided to try a monochrome look in the most boring of colors! I like monochrome, so that should make it interesting, right!?

I started with a new (to me) charcoal grey cowl-neck tank top which has actually seen quite a lot of use. My best attempts at removing the pills were only mildly successful, but I decided fuzzy and fluffy are a good look on a grey knit—they add depth! For the bottom, I wore a grey pencil skirt which I've had for quite a while. I don't wear it often, but it comes in handy when I do! Over the top of it all, a grey vest which I just got at the thrift store for 2 dollars. I love vests for their versatility, but one usage of them that I haven't mentioned is how nicely they pull together two different-colored solid pieces. 

Style Tip Use an open-front vest to bridge the distance between a top and a bottom that don't otherwise match. The lines of the vest will visually connect the two pieces, making them seem more closely related, especially if the vest shares a color with either of them.

I didn't really need a vest to unite two slightly different shades of grey, but I had this grey vest lying around, and I might as well use it for something! Besides, in a monochromatic outfit, the more shades, the merrier!

Just as rose gold is the metallic version of salmon, so silver is the metallic version of grey (well, there's also pewter). What an opportunity to wear this new pair of silver pointed-toe flats, which I got for what I feel was a great bargain at $9.96 on eBay! I used to think pointed toes were unflattering and made my feet look like long implements of war. Well, I still do, but they're trendy now. In addition to making my feet look like spear heads, the ankle straps also make my legs look short and squat, especially when combined with the length of the pencil skirt, but sometimes we must make aesthetic sacrifices in order to adhere to our theme.

I also wore silver earrings. The end.

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