Friday, September 15, 2017

Spring Ahead

Fall is just digging its traitorous nails into a perfectly good summer, but the Unfashionista is paying that no mind...she's already looking forward to spring!

Since that last unseasonably cold day in August, we've had a few days where the weather just squeaked past 80 degrees—today being one of them. So I took my chances on shivering in my office all morning, and wore my thinnest, most sleeveless, most vernally colored lavender dress with a tulip hem!

I happened to have a new floral statement necklace and earring set I bought recently on eBay, and since there was a bit of green in the necklace, I took that as my cue to wear bright mint-green sandals. The overall look is the pastel version of my favorite grapevine color scheme!

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