Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Flowtime

I've been on a rather unsuccessful search for wide-legged pants since the beginning of the year, but every pair I acquire has something wrong with it. There were pants that weren't wide enough (such as the dramatic looking flares I ordered from China, only to find they hardly flared at all—when will I learn!?). There were multitudes of pants that weren't long enough (including the ones with butterflies, which I ruined by trying to raise the crotch so I could wear them lower). There were pants that were too thin and clingy (I sent them back), pants that were too flashy (I'll find a way to wear them in spite of being bright orange and covered with sparkles!), and there were these.

These were probably the most successful purchase yet. They are long, long, long enough to wear with high heels, and they're a color that actually coordinates with real clothes. However, after all my complaining about wide-leg pants not being long enough, these ones might actually be too long! I kept getting the heel of my shoe caught in the fabric, and running the hems over with my wheeled office chair. I ended up taking my shoes off and sitting on my feet for most of the day. While I firmly believe that, just like flared pants, wide-leg pants only look good if they skim the ground, I may have to accept that ground-skimming clothing of any type (including maxi skirts) is just not appropriate for an environment in which you spend a good portion of the day rolling back and forth on a chair.

Execution challenges aside, I'm pleased with this outfit. Every element is perfectly coordinated in teal and navy. I feel like a winding river in my aquatic colors and graceful, flowy fabrics. Even my earrings get into the flow, cascading to my shoulders like beaded waterfalls!

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