Friday, February 16, 2018

It's Friday

It's Friday, the end of the week and therefore a symbolic day for endings of all sorts. I marked the occasion by canceling my VIP account on Fabkids—you know, the site where I once got a T-shirt and tulle skirt for almost nothing, and then never shopped there again? Well, I did shop there again once, because back around July or so, I forgot to skip the month, resulting in a 30$ credit on my account I had to get rid of. So before I finally pulled the plug, I spent my credit on a pair of leggings and a dress. This dress.

I really like this dress. It is everything I love in a dress—a modest length, long sleeves for winter, and a splash of every color of the pastel rainbow! Sometimes I worry that it's a little too colorful for work, but today is Friday, the day when I throw caution to the wind and wear my most fun outfits...or bust!

I've been planning this particular outfit for some time, but I had to put it on hold for a while because the pastel purple shoes clashed with the different tones of purple in my hair. But now that my dye job has faded to a subtle silver (or, if I'm less charitable, a dingy grey), it goes with more colors and doesn't look like it's trying to outshine my clothes.

So it's finally time for my purple lacy platform oxfords, lace-topped over-the-knee socks, and my rainbow dress! In addition to being too colorful, this outfit is probably also too childish for a 34-year-old at the office, but I'll say it again! It's Friday!

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