Monday, December 12, 2016

T is for Tutu

This tutu has a backstory. Not a very interesting one, but I'm going to tell it anyway, because how else would I fill my whole post up with unnecessary narrative?

There's this website I shop from called JustFab. When I joined them (they operate on a membership system, albeit one that you don't have to pay for as long as you remember to "skip" every month), they only sold shoes, but they keep expanding their operations. A few years ago, they suckered me into joining their newish (then) "Fabletics" site for workout clothes with an offer of 5$ leggings (their regular prices are definitely too expensive for a monthly membership, but the leggings are the best pair of athletic pants I've ever owned). More recently, they started their "Fab Kids" line, which as you might be able to guess, is for children's clothing. With no kids in my life and no intention to change that, I had zero interest in buying from Fab Kids, but they kept emailing me special offers, until finally they made me an offer I couldn't refuse: my first outfit free! I'd only have to pay 4.95$ shipping. 

Well, I've worn clothes from the kids' department before (one of my favorite coats ever was a girls' XL), so I checked to see whether their size range could accommodate my adult frame, and it turned out that it could! So I joined Fab Kids. I figured, at 4.95$ for 2 garments, even if the endeavor was a complete failure, I'd have a nice new outfit to donate to a clothing drive at hardly any expense.

Fab Kids allows you to save a profile for the kid you are shopping for, so I invented myself a "daughter." Her name is Fern, she is 16, wears a size XXL, and is now the proud owner of a Fab Kids skirt and T-shirt.

Today, I'm wearing the skirt. The website referred to it as a "tutu." I usually reserve that word for a skirt with a little more volume, but it was made of tulle, so it fits the T-theme regardless of what you call it.

I paired the tutu with my glittery purple shirt, purple earrings, and purple shoes. The look is a little overly festive for a typical Monday (shall I say it's "too too?"), but it's the holiday season, so I can just say I'm wearing it to yet another workplace party.

EDITOR'S NOTE: All links to shopping websites in this post contain my personal referral link! If you do decide to shop from any of these websites, we both share great benefits if you join from my personal link.

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