Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A little lavender

I finally got around to dyeing my hair a pastel purple, as has been my dream for two years at least! While I'm mostly happy with the effect (it took me two attempts), the color ended up darker and slightly more bluish than I'd envisioned. I think I've been a little too conservative with the bleach, which has been keeping my hair darker than the platinum base required for a truly pastel color. I'll figure it out. By the time pastel hair is a relic of the 2010s, I'll have it down to a science! In any case, while I have this shade, I'll make the most of the unevenly tinted periwinkle!

While dressing for one's hair color might be a little restrictive on an everyday basis, I do like to make sure my outfit complements my hair on the first day after a new dye job. When I colored my hair pink in October, I matched it with pink jewelry and shoes. The previous summer when I went green, I wore green shoes.

For this new lavender hue, I decided to build my outfit around, not purple, but a color that goes well with purple: green. Since the hair isn't a dark shade, I made sure my green was equally pale, choosing a top in a muted seafoam hue. Then on my feet, where darker colors are a logical way to ground an outfit, I went with my trusty old teal shoes. The color combo looks weird in the picture, but it was just right in real life.

Confession: I originally wore a royal purple necklace, but it kept getting stuck on the collar of the shirt, so I took it off, and I'm glad I did. Sometimes simplicity is best, and I like how the only pop of dark purple in this outfit is the earrings, which just occasionally peep from behind my hair.

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