Saturday, August 11, 2018

Let me slip into something a little more beachy

A lot has changed since I was invited to my first wedding as the Unfashionista. Since then, I've been to so many weddings, (I no longer get anxiety before them and) I've practically developed my own nuptial uniform, usually consisting of a cutesy empire-waist party dress (usually pink) that was probably designed for teenagers at Homecoming. Here are some examples from 2015 and 2016 respectively. 
I also have more of the same from 2017, 2016 summer, 2016 spring, and even a picture of a dress I wore to crash a reception in 2013. The routine is getting so old (and old-fashioned!) that this summer, when we were invited to a whopping 3 weddings in 3 months, I expressly prohibited my usual "Paris Hilton circa 2004" aesthetic. Even though 3 of the dresses I bought in my shopping spree do sport that look (2 are still pink!), I'm reserving them for later (possibly for never) and focusing on dressing for the current decade.

The first two weddings of the summer have come and gone. For the first, I am ashamed to admit that I wore yet another aughties throwback. I had my reasons, but ultimately they weren't good enough, and the outfit, much like the rest of the evening, was something I'd as soon forget. For the second wedding, I wore an unassuming blue maxi dress that was neither particularly stylish nor unstylish. If I had to describe it in a word, it would be "forgettable." For the third wedding, my last chance, I had to do better! I had to wear a dress I'd be proud to post in my blog!

The nice thing about this wedding was it was going to be held on a beach, and there was no dress code, so I was confident that I could wear anything relatively tasteful and it would be fine. With all the options at my fingertips, I decided it was time to wear, for the first time ever, a slip dress! I've been wanting to jump on the slip dress trend since 2016, but it has proved quite a slippery (pun intended!) proposition. Slip dresses, for all their apparent simplicity, are outrageously expensive, and it wasn't until this spring that I was able to acquire one (actually 2) at a reasonable price.

This particular slip dress was the second-most expensive of my dress-buying spree, at $7.50. I loved it online, but was a little less infatuated in person, as it had an unflattering hemline. I don't know if it has a name—I guess it's the opposite of a high-low hem, as it gets low in the front and high at the sides. So a low-high hem? Whatever you call it, that hemline never looks good.

But aside from the fugly front, the dress was loads of fun! So many colors! It wasn't too hard to alter the cut to do justice to the print. In one of my famous reversible alterations, I hemmed the front to have a straight edge, and tacked the fabric inside at a few strategic points so it wouldn't dangle down. I left the back as it was, so now the dress has a more traditional high-low hem.

While the fit is much looser than I usually feel pretty in, it feels free and breezy, two adjectives that are right at home on a beach. Not to mention, it has an open back, which gives it that little something extra.

Much as I feel un-flattered in flats, I have to say that these black sandals were actually some of the best-looking shoes I could have worn with this dress. Since the fabric had so many colors, the black shoes provided some balance—not to mention their lack of a high heel helped me balance! In another display of admirable restraint, I also wore simple gold jewelry and a solid gold clutch.

 After a summer of disappointing wedding looks, I finally found one I'm happy with. I think this dress was superb (summery, shiny, celebratory, slightly sexy, yet simple) for a wedding in the sand.

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