Thursday, May 26, 2011

My favorite pair of jeans, now short!

Not too long before I moved to Maryland in 2005, I found an adorable pair of pink jeans at Plato's Closet. It didn't take long before they became my favorite pair of pants—they were already soft and broken-in, they stayed up without a belt but still gave me plenty of leg room (a frequent problem I have with jeans is that they are designed to be skin-tight, which I hate. Consequently, I usually buy them a size or two too large, causing the waistband to be much too loose), and, heck, they were pink! At that time, I felt like walking around in pink pants was a pretty daring thing to do.

Well, five or six years of being my favorite certainly didn't make these pants any newer, and by the end of 2010, they were faded in spots, faintly stained in others, and patched at the knee. I knew their end was near, but I was reluctant to let go my only remaining comfortable pair of pants. But their fate was sealed when I splattered blood all over them in an unfortunate accident just after Christmas.

Fortunately, before I threw them in the rag box, I observed that the upper portion of these pants was relatively unscathed. Sure, they were no longer the brilliant color they used to be, but at least the fading was pretty even throughout. So I set them aside for repurposing.

This morning, I finally finished them. It was an easy fix. I trimmed them to mid-thigh length, hemmed the bottoms, and voilĂ ! A new pair of shorts for my rapidly-growing collection!

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