Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrift Store Find of the ... Indeterminate Time Period

Patience pays off.

For over a year now, I've been thinking about getting some winter boots. Ever since those back-to-back blizzards between 2009 and 2010, to be exact. Pairs and pairs of Uggs and their knockoffs met with a turned-up nose. Pay that kind of money for ugly shoes with soles that leak in the snow? Ugh. You're kidding me! Eventually, I settled for a pair of waterproof hiking boots, since I needed hiking boots anyway, but I always kept alert for a pair of real boots. Boots that were both within my price range (i.e. nothing to next-to-nothing) and capable of handling foot-deep snow without a whimper.

Today (just in time for the arrival of summer) I found them. I feel blessed with some kind of magic boot-finding ability. Three times now, I have found a wonderful pair of boots, the last of its kind, that just happened to be in my size. The first was the chunky brown boots that I wore for Military Fashion Show, found in like-new condition at a thrift store during a half-off sale and thusly bought for an astounding 5 dollars. The second was the amazing pair of knee-high brown boots I modeled in the previous post. Again, half-off, and again, in my size despite being the only pair remaining on the shelf. And lastly, these glorious calf-length suede boots with fuzzy trim that lace up the front and zip up the side, with rubber soles and a practical 2-inch heel. Cute enough to wear every day, durable and warm enough to tough out whatever Father Winter can throw at them. I found them at the thrift store, but they seem brand-new! The only flaw I could find was a pale stain on the toe of the left boot, which I managed to mostly scrape off with my fingernail. And all this for just $8.99! I don't know if you can begin to fathom my joy.

On today's trip to the thrift store, I also found a pair of brown jeans that didn't fit that great (too loose in the waist, too narrow by the ankles), but pants never fit me that great. I think with some minor modifications, I'll be able to make them look decent. And I've been wearing jeans a lot lately, so it'll be good to have more than three pairs.

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