Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not to be confused with "hip"

Tree-hugging earth mother that I am, I own my fair share of long flowy skirts and long flowy tunics. Fashion dictates that loose clothing on top should be paired with tighter clothing on the bottom, and vice versa. This makes it clear that there really is a body under all those folds of fabric.

Hippie sensibilities, on the other hand, dictate that everything you wear must be loose and flowy—if you wear anything at all. This makes it clear that you care more about peace, love, and the environment than about how you look. A noble goal. And one that I'd honestly prefer not to reach. Fashion is fabulous. I do my part for the planet by buying everyone else's old castoffs. But that doesn't mean I want to look like I'm wearing old castoffs. Nor does it mean I want to be completely hidden under hand-embroidered, all-natural pieces of sackcloth.

On occasion, I do this anyway. Rainy days like this one, where the temperature is expected to hover between sixty and seventy all day, are perfect for a long-sleeved yet lightweight blouse. And Saturdays like this one (I wrote this post a few days ago), when I'll spend the majority of my time seated in front of my computer wanting to be comfortable, are perfect for long flowy skirts. On days like this one, I discard my aesthetic sensibilities in favor of comfort and don my full hippie gear. The result is below.

Confession: I tailored this shirt to be slightly less sackcloth-like than it was originally. Now, while it's a bear to pull on over my shoulders, it's narrow enough around the waist that I still look like I have a waist.

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