Friday, May 20, 2011

Run errands like a rock star

Now when I got dressed this morning, I had every intention of loafing around the house all day. Thus, when I selected my clothing, I wasn't shooting for glamor—just comfort. I grabbed a plain black T-shirt because I didn't feel like wearing any of my other ones. Then I chose a knee-length white skirt simply because it was really the only thing I have that would look OK with a black T-shirt. Except jeans, and those are anything but comfortable. I tried to settle down for a good day of clerical work, when suddenly, I decided I absolutely could not wait any longer to acquire a decent office chair.

You know, sitting at a computer blogging all day (and occasionally doing some real work, too) is no good for one's posture (and we all know one never looks good with a hunchback, no matter how fine the clothes over it) and my mutilated old desk chair with no backrest was just not going to cut it any more. So I abruptly changed my plans and decided to run out and fetch myself a new sitting apparatus.

Every unfashionista worth her salt knows that any public appearance, no matter how small—even a jaunt to Ikea to pick up mass-produced office furniture—is worthy of a proper dose of vanity. Thus, I completed my formerly humble outfit with a rather ostentatious pair of knee-high boots. When a friend of mine saw these for the first time, he dubbed them "rock star boots," owing, I'm sure, to the rather industrial-looking treads and the gold studs doing accent duty around the feet and at the top. These boots already made an appearance in a previous post, but this time I have made an effort to show you exactly what they look like. I bought these boots used on eBay and probably paid too much for them (considering that the zipper tab broke off one of them the second time I wore them), but I was desperate for a pair of black boots that didn't have pointy toes like my old ones. And also had the entire heel intact, and not worn down a half-inch from walking for miles in the park. But if I paid too much for these boots, I love them nonetheless. They are probably the edgiest thing in my wardrobe. And not to mention, I wore them on a first date with someone who ended up being my steady date. Lucky boots! 10.99$ plus 12.99$ shipping suddenly doesn't seem that bad at all.

Just for the fun of it, in my photo of the whole ensemble, I have digitally added makeup such as I would wear if I were indeed a rock star but hadn't yet made it so big that I had a personal trainer to help me lose ten pounds and a personal stylist to make my thin hair miraculously poofy and a personal makeup artist to inform me that the lime green eyeshadow and fuschia lipstick was gimmicky and if I was going to use such colors I should use them in a bigger way.

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