Monday, November 14, 2011

Bug Spree

No bedbugs gonna slow me down! In the past 4 days, I've come up with two new Unfashionista posts! In reverse chronological order, here is the first.

Yesterday was a special occasion. My brother was in my area just for the weekend, and I was going to meet up with him and some of our coworker-friends from times gone by. I suggested Dave & Busters, and he agreed!

Now, for this extra-special night on the town, I couldn't wear any of the usual balled-up-in-a-bag ensembles that have been my sole clothing options for the last several weeks. I had to do something new, something exciting!

I dug around in the bottom of my extra-large Ziploc and lo! I found the never-worn luna-moth-green sweater that I'd bought this summer for a true steal of ... you might want to sit down for this ... forty-nine cents! Yes, I had found it on the clearance rack at Marshall's, marked down to almost nothing because several of the seams were coming out. I loved the color, and I knew that a little TLC would make it almost like new.

The only problem with this sweater is its cropped length, which means I'd be obliged to again try my unskilled hand at ... you might want to sit down for this, too ... layering! Fortunately, I had saved a plain black tank top for just this purpose when I packed up all the rest of my summer clothes, and wearing it under my cropped sweater produced just the right effect.

By some miraculous stroke of luck, a pair of earrings (that I had splurged six dollars on) exactly matched the color of the sweater! The earrings just happened to be in the shape of butterflies, proving that while bedbugs may be the bane of my existence, other bugs can be the perfect addition to a cute outfit.

An outfit so cute that I wore it again to work today, and received 2, count 'em 2, compliments from my coworkers.
I am also experimenting with "dog as fashion accessory," in the mode of Paris Hilton.

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