Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How do you know she's a witch? [Tuesday's Unfashion]

Monday was a day off. Tuesday, I was back and ready to rock Unfashion a Day.

Similarly to last Wednesday, my chosen skirt of the day comes from a bygone era, but fortunately the asymmetrical hem keeps coming back into style, and after some initial hesitance, I find I really enjoy this piece of clothing. One thing it's got going for it is its rather ostentatious shade of green. You'll have a hard time blending into the background when you're wearing something this vibrant—unless you're standing in a spring meadow. Furthermore, unlike the other skirt, it fits well—so well, in fact, that it introduces a fashion conundrum which I will discuss in the special feature below.

The thing I don't like about this skirt is how difficult it is to match with anything. I went through my entire closet searching for an appropriate shirt. I was stressing out, but when I finally found it, I knew I'd found the mother lode. Poison-green plus black-and-white stripes evoke a certain air of Halloween, which, while not quite seasonally appropriate, certainly is fun!

To complete the witchy look, I brought out my pointy-toed dress shoes and black stockings. I put on a pair of homemade black earrings (which, I admit, never turned out quite as nice as I'd hoped) and twisted my hair so it spiked up in the back in wild witchy fashion (no amount of hair spray, however, was able to keep it up, so that aspect of the look was a failure).

And now for the promised fashion conundrum.

The Unfashionista on Undergarments

What does a girl do when she wants to wear a thin, clingy skirt without letting her panty lines show? Well, many girls wear a thong or - if they are really daring - dispense with the panties entirely.

The Unfashionista does not embrace either of these methods, and finally found an acceptable substitute: boxer briefs.

Yes ladies, it's time to raid the men's department. Buy the smallest, tightest pair you can find. They will adhere to your butt, and the only apparent seam will be far down on your thigh—hopefully where your skirt has flared out to fit loosely enough that the line will not be visible.

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