Friday, January 13, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 2

I think "Unfashion a Day" is a much more catchy title than "An Outfit a Day," so it stands.
An exciting announcement for those of you who read this blog (as opposed to those of you who are reading it who don't), you may now point your browsers to "" for the same great content with a new, easier-to-type URL! This exciting advancement in The Unfashionista's Web presence is brought to you by a generous benefactor named "Geoff."
And now for your Daily Unfashion.

Monday was training day, meaning I wouldn't see any of my actual coworkers and was free to take some liberties with my wardrobe—namely, to dress like a slob.

A good Unfashionista never dresses like a slob, of course, but she does sometimes reserve her least favorite clothes for these free days. In this case, those least favorite clothes consist of a red and black top that make me look like some kind of preppy goth wannabe with abnormally large shoulders. I would typically wear this shirt with khaki pants to break up the funereal color scheme, but they were in the laundry.

I also wore a pair of low-heeled black shoes (the "punk" shoes, remember?) just in case there would be a walking tour. There wasn't.
After my poor showing of the previous day, I knew I had to look good. So I went for my brand new grey pants from Express (marked down to 20$, which I gather is a good price for Express), a well-fitting top, and even some jewelry!

The necklace was the perfect addition to this outfit, as it was mostly silver (to go with the silvery grey pants), but happened to have two blue beads to tie it in with the color of the shirt!

You can barely see 'em, but I am wearing my 4.5-inch heel grey booties (a full-price splurge from last year). They are the only shoes tall enough to handle these extensive pant legs.
Some days, an Unfashionista who is trying to wear a different outfit every day has to suck it up and wear something atrocious.

This pink-and-brownish-black skirt is the last remnant of an era gone by, when mid-calf was the normal length and everything was made of acetate. In addition to being out of style, it's too big for me.

At first I tried wearing this with a dowdy brown sweater, but of course then I looked dowdy and depressingly dark, so I switched it up for the cream-colored top. Style Tip Never wear a shirt that is the same length as your skirt. It will make you look short.

Going bare-legged under the skirt would have helped the look a little, but it was cold that day! I chose some brown knee socks instead and some equally brown wedge shoes.
I had to cheer myself up after showing up Wednesday as the Widowed Schoolteacher. So I went in on Thursday as the Artsy Schoolgirl.

Brilliant blue argyle knee socks (Target:2$) went perfectly with the blue top (eBay: Big cheap lot).

Not wanting to take the schoolgirl look too far, I opted out of the platform Mary Janes and wore instead some conservative black flats.

There were off-white stripes in the socks, so I chose khaki as the neutral color for the skirt.
I had big plans for this day. I've been itching to wear those snow boots I found last spring. So I picked out this outfit specifically to show them off.

Fashion Bug sweater dress with leggings since it's not that warm out.

Wooden beaded earrings, since they would go with all the other natural tones in the outfit.

Braids since it's casual day in some offices (apparently it's casual day every day in mine), so altogether, with the fuzzy boots, I was going to have a pretty "contemporary hippie" look.

And then what did I do? I wore the wrong boots! Not that they ended up looking bad, but now I'm going to have to find some other getup that goes with those snow boots.

The big brown thing in my hand is "The Hat." I was toying with wearing it, but it was too warm a brown to go with the other, loamy colors I was sporting. Style Tip Don't ever try to pair warm browns with cool browns. It's nearly as bad as putting green right next to red.

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