Friday, January 27, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 4

NEWSFLASH! I have upped the difficulty level of my Unfashion a Day challenge! While working on this project, I have noticed I have a lot of clothes that don't fit well and I don't like. I was keeping them around because I was afraid that, without them, I might not have enough to achieve the variety I desire. But a friend and reader recently commented, "You have a ton of clothes and accessories too!" If that's true, then surely I can sacrifice a few of them. So I'm selling 11 of my least favorite clothes on eBay. That means 11 fewer articles to extend the life of my challenge. Wish me luck!

I finally found an opportunity to show off my winter boots. Unfortunately, I don't think the juxtaposition of chunky casual footwear and professional skirt and blouse really work. A protruding piece of metal on the boots snagged my pantyhose (my nicest, most expensive pair, too, darn it!) several times over the course of the day, rendering them quite ruined. I'm sure this only happened to remind me that attempting to dress up and dress down in the same outfit should be approached with more care. Also, my hair looked a fright. Not my best showing, I'm afraid.
A number of things went wrong with Tuesday's outfit, starting with the fact that I had wanted to wear a nice pair of white pants but had to change that plan at the last minute because of rain. Since I was rushed, I totally neglected to realize I was wearing practically the exact same thing as Monday! Reddish color, traditional collar, brown boots, jeez! The only thing different about this outfit was the circle necklace with the sparkly brown gem and matching earrings!

Furthermore, the dress came with a tie to go around the waist, but I left it off because I think belts shorten my torso. However, after looking at myself in the bathroom mirror several times throughout the day, I concluded the dress was too big, and a belt would have helped shape it up a bit. Here's a picture of how I would have looked if I'd gone that route.

I was beginning to lose confidence in my look, since my new coworkers have not once complimented me. But I visited the old store today, and my former coworker told me I "look good." Ahh, MOM employees, I can always count on you.

I found this sweater (it's a lovely shade of green; sorry you can't tell in the poor lighting) at the thrift store in tip-top condition—probably because it was a size 12, yet much smaller than a size 12 should ever be, meaning its original owner probably got rid of it as soon as she got it (maybe as a gift?). Rather than speculate on others' motives, however, a good Unfashionista exploits them, and thus this sweater became a prized part of my wardrobe! Boring black pants went underneath, reminding me that I really need to get some black pants that are long enough to wear with heels. Why is it that these pants were always too long to wear with my tennis shoes, but silly short with even the lowest of heels? But I digress.

The crowning glory of this outfit was this pair of earrings: green glass hearts on dangly chains so long they brush my collar—they're probably my favorite earrings, and they were only 2 dollars!

I have always previously worn this forest-green and black dress with knee socks and Mary Janes, but today I decided to change it up and give it a tougher edge. In retrospect, the empire waist gives this dress an air of innocence that no combat boots can combat. And it probably would be best to not even try. That makes twice this week I've broken an outfit with the wrong shoes.
I added interest to a plain blue sweater with this leafy necklace. It's a cheap piece of junk I bought for 2$ (including the matching earrings) but cheap is all you really need for work unless you work in the fashion industry. Khaki pants comprised the bottom half, and I wore a pair of chunky brown shoes (aka clown shoes) I found brand new for 7$ at a thrift store in Ohio. They were probably that cheap because clown shoes went out of style a decade ago. I have no idea why these were even on the market.

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