Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 14

Pink Spring

When I bought this shirt, I was wearing these black pants, and, trying it on, I was delighted with the way the slim fitted top merged seamlessly into the slim fitted pants and then flared out at the bottom. I knew, a whole month ago or more, that the first time I wore this top, it would be with these pants. A monochromatic shirt and neutral pants are the perfect backdrop for colorful accessories, so I wore a pearl charm bracelet in various pastel shades. Next time, though, I think I'll steer clear of the black bras.

Fancy Feet

The focal point of this outfit (although you can't tell from the photo) is the shoes. I'd been fantasizing about these zigzag stripey shoes ever since I first saw them on one of the three shoe clubs I belong to, but I wouldn't buy them because 40 dollars is more than an Unfashionista ever pays unless she's desperate. But when I found them again on Shoe Carnival, with a coupon-discounted price around 24 dollars, I indulged in a little splurge (hey, I needed those shoes to get my total high enough to qualify for free shipping!)

Here's a closeup. The multicolored stripes mean they go with almost anything—except the socks I chose to wear with them! I had to take those off halfway through the day because I was so embarrassed by the color clash.

Fluffy Feet

As on Tuesday, the focus of Wednesday's outfit was also the footwear. I really wanted to show off these leg warmers one more time before the end of winter, so I scrounged up another outfit to match them. Last time, I wore them with a green khaki skirt and a light purple sweater; this time, I did almost the same and wore them with a tan khaki skirt and a dark purple sweater (and the same shoes). Although it seems to be hard to wear these accessories with anything but khaki and purple, I still love them. I hope leg warmers stay in fashion for a good long while!

The Unfashionista Outdoes Herself

You'll notice I skipped Thursday, because I skipped work on Thursday to visit with family. But you still won't miss a single fabulous example of Unfashion, because I wore two outfits on Friday! I left for work in the morning dressed in this grey and black sweater dress in another "last chance" effort before I put away my winter wardrobe. Originally my plan for this dress was grey leggings and black leg warmers, but I decided leg warmers twice in two days was just too much, so the leg warmers will have to wait until next year. Instead, I wore black leggings and black foldover boots.

I went home around noon to take care of a household issue. I had planned to take the bus, but the buses were running behind, so I chose to start walking home and catch one at a later stop. I ended up walking almost 2 miles, so no one should be surprised that by the time I got home, I was pretty hot. It was nearly 65 out by that time, and here I was tramping across town in a sweater dress! Since I was home anyway, I traded the dress for a black skirt and a red 3/4 sleeve top, keeping the leggings and the boots. At first I worried that three black articles of clothing on top of each other was a bad move, but I think I like the look of all black accented by a splash of color, and the interesting profile created by all those different layers.

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