Friday, April 27, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 16

The Recital Look

Immediately after bidding on these black velvet pants, I regretted it. Meaning, of course, I won them. Seriously, who can wear velvet pants to anything but a piano recital and get away with it? I at least tried, pairing them with one of my dressiest tops so they wouldn't seem too out of place. It may have been overkill for a Monday at the office, but at least I finally have black pants long enough to wear with high heels—which is the best way to wear black pants!

Suffering to Be Beautiful

I haven't gotten nearly enough wear out of these "blush" shoes I'm sporting in the picture, so I chose Tuesday's outfit with them in mind. To be honest, there's not much in my wardrobe that looks good with off-pink shoes. I originally tried this outfit with a magenta blouse (at right), but it didn't really match the skirt, so I had to choose the almost-too-casual pink knit top instead.

Someone at the office commented on how pretty my shoes were, but little did she know that, at that moment, I felt like they were about to slice my Achilles tendon clean through. I've done my best to stretch them, but I think it may be time to say adieu to these cute, but hard-to-match and uncomfortable, shoes.

Hippie Cowgirl

I finally decided to join the teeming hordes of ladies who follow the trend of  tight pants under boots. To accomplish this, I first had to acquire some tight pants, which I found at Rugged Wearhouse for 7 dollars. They are actually boot cut, which, if you were not aware, is a cut designed to fit over boots, not tuck inside them, so I had to fold over the fabric inside the boots and let out the laces just a little. Fortunately, with lace-up boots, that is something you can do. On top, I wore a sheer, hippie/boho top that is not quite as trendy and not quite flattering either. All said, I don't think I'll be sporting this look much, if ever again. Though maybe I'll give it another shot when I get out my winter boots next year. That is, if it's still trendy.

You Had to Buy the Green Pants, Didn't You?

Bored with black, brown, and khaki pants, I finally let my legwear follow in my shoes' footsteps and started supplementing the collection with more colors. I have learned two things from this endeavor: 1) I have to stop buying Old Navy pants in a size 6, because they run large, and 2) I have no butt. If you haven't guessed, the pants were a little too big for me. Some graceless alterations made them fit tolerably well, although they still look a little bulgy in the back. They were the perfect match to my zigzag striped shoes, but apparently finding a shirt to go with green pants is a bit more of a challenge. I went with plain old white.

Avant Good Gracious!

This marks the third time I've worn this pink dress, and I think that means I have to put it on the bench for a while, since it's kind of, in my opinion, unforgettable. However, wearing it gave me the opportunity to also wear my black knee socks with the pink band around the top, which I haven't been able to wear at all, since nothing else matches them! As I am sick to death of being cold (The weather has been such a tease this month), I wore a tight fitting black top underneath, which gave the dress a kind of weird, edgy look that I guess was OK to try once, but probably not all the time. However, my new (future) housemate complimented me on the outfit, so it must not have been too weird/edgy. On the other hand, she has orange dyed partially shaved hair and tattoos all up and down her arms, so her fashion sense may not mirror that of the general public.


  1. Showing a lot of leg. Holler!

  2. I enjoyed the boho outfit personally. But I collect rocks & shit.