Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue-Green Period

Now that Unfashion A Day has come to an end, I am, as predicted, far too enamored with the Daily Photo routine to give it up cold turkey. I decided to set myself another challenge—wear the same color every day for a whole week. The logical choice for this challenge was blue-green, since the last two eBay lots I got have featured a number of articles in this hue. Without further ado (and with minimal narration), here are my outfits of the last 5 days.






This is the only day for which I have commentary, and that is only to say that my camera seems to really have trouble shooting this shade, which is a sort of bright robin's egg Easter egg crazy intense shade of blue-green. My camera, however, could only manage to wash it out completely, or make it look dark and straight blue. A lot of photomanipulation got my shirt looking approximately the right shade in this photo, but as you can see below, the attendant jewelry still looks pretty bad. There are, in fact, three shades of aqua in the bracelet, but in the photo it looks suspiciously like 1 shade of blue.

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