Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sophistication Fom the Ankles Up

This top is truly an Unfashionista's nightmare, with its dark depressing hues. I would think that such dark colors would take all the flutter out of butterflies, but apparently the makers of this shirt didn't think so, cause that's the pattern that's on it--butterflies, chains and keys, in a black ink that's almost indistinguishable from the dark jade of the fabric itself. It's a dreary combination in my mind, and thus something I've been reluctant to wear.

But precisely because I've never worn this shirt despite owning it for over 8 months, I forced myself to take on the challenge and find a way to wear it without dying of depression in the process.

It looked pretty good with my blue pajama shorts this morning, but I didn't think pajama shorts would fly at the office, so I settled instead on black pants. So far the dreariness has not been improved.

The plain looking top and the unremarkable pants weren't doing much for me, and I couldn't find any jewelry that really complemented the colors (or lack thereof). But then it occurred to me to add the belt. I just got the belt last weekend, (at less than 2 dollars for 2 belts at some thrift store in Manassas) and it was apparently 2 dollars very well spent. The belt really added a sophisticated edge, and I have to say it turned the outfit from trashy to classy. It's amazing what a strip of fabric and some metal bits can do!

But then I had to go and ruin the effect by wearing flip flops. Hey, it was Friday, and I decided it was high time to test the limits of my office dress code. At least the flip flops had sparkle.

No one said anything. Guess these will become a regular part of my work wardrobe.

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