Saturday, June 2, 2012

I just wanna be a sheep

As promised, I am posting the results of my foray into ugly fashion trends (hopefully fads)

This tank top came with a drawstring (for the record, not something I would buy myself, had it not came into my possession by way of eBay mystery lot), so you know it was meant to be worn in the belted potato sack style.

The first time I wore it, I wore it untied, but the second time, I let it do its bunchy thing while wearing it for a day on the town with my boyfriend. When I commented to him about what horrible things I was wearing in the name of fashion, he said, "It looks fine." But boyfriends are not known for their great observational skills, so I am not convinced. The outfit might have been improved slightly if I'd had either long pants or shorter shorts. I'm not crazy about the relative lengths in this combo.
Cinched-at-the-waist look? check!
For my next trick, I broke out another top I'd gotten in another eBay lot, which I also would have never bought myself, but I actually like it aside from its too-bigness. It is a layer of taupe cotton with a white lace layer over that. It's pretty and swingy and just a little hard to match. Its previous owner had (artlessly) safety-pinned it in the back, so I guess it was too big even for her, but I unpinned it and even restrained myself from shortening the straps (it really is 2 sizes too big, and it kept slipping down). To appease the Office Protocol Police (I don't know who they are, but I'm sure they must be watching), I topped it with an off-white shrug (that is also a size too large) and to keep it from broadcasting its too-largeness with a gape (and to keep the downward-slipping tank from revealing too much), I pinned it closed with a giant metal rosebud I inherited from my grandmother. No comments on this outfit, but at least I can check the baggy shirt look off my try-it list.

Is that the Office Protocol Police I see?

If you were wondering about the weird pinkness in the second photo, I was experimenting with "improving" the background of my photos, but I would not call it a resounding success.

For the third and final act, I bring you the peasant blouse! It's actually pretty much the same theme as Act I, that is, belts at the waist, so I'll spare you the monologue. Except to say that I wish I had worn this with a pale tank top underneath rather than a brown one. But I am curious if anyone has an opinion as to whether it looks better with or without the belt.

Parting shot: I just wanted to showcase the earrings that I wore with the peasant top, because – even though both of them fell apart the first day I wore them and I had to put them back together with the Krazy Glue my coworker just happened to have in the office – I still think they are totally cool. They appear to be resin with real flowers in them! And I got them at Claire's for a dollar!

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  1. The first shirt does not really look that good with the drawstring pulled. The white peasant top though, I think that looks good both with the belt and without it, and I can't make up my mind which is better. You sure have a lot of fun outfits! I really like the bohemian style and flare leg jeans. And those earrings are very neat-o.