Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping Hood: Woman in Tights

I've made it abundantly clear that I don't like skinny jeans. However, it looks like they're sticking around for a while (fortunately, wide-leg pants are still an acceptable, though less-chosen, alternative), and I have realized there are some circumstances under which skinny jeans are the ideal item. OK, one circumstance: when you need something to wear under your boots.

Now, I love me some good knee-high boots, and any type of clothing that will allow me to wear them more often is OK in my book. I've already discovered that leggings are very useful for this purpose, but leggings, being somewhat thin, are limited to wearing with skirts or tops that cover your bottom. There are some girls who do not feel bound by this nicety, but I for one prefer to keep the contours of my butt and underwear a more closely guarded secret. Jeans are a thicker material that I feel safe to wear as a top layer.

Unfortunately, there's still a problem. All the skinny jeans also have a low-rise, which is fine until you sit down. Then they tend to have no-rise, and – just like leggings – reveal more of me than I care to show. Sigh...the tribulations of having high standards.

And all this narrative, to introduce an outfit that I would have worn with skinny jeans if I had them—My green and tan striped sweater and brown walking boots. I call these walking boots because I bought them specifically to wear on outings where I'd be doing a lot of walking. They allow me to be trendy without wearing heels. Sadly, they also are too big and require me to wear outrageously fluffy socks to keep them in place. I promise I will lay off the online shoe shopping!

In the absence of skinny jeans, I chose to wear this outfit with brown leggings underneath. I'm not really thrilled with the way the colors interact, but it was either that or the tan leggings that make me look like I'm wearing nothing on my legs and additionally have become incredibly anemic below the waist.

I wore this outfit to do some shopping. The forest greens and browns, plus the tall boots, put me in mind of Robin Hood, hence the rather silly title of this post. No, leggings aren't technically tights, but I think we can all get past that.

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