Monday, December 31, 2012


Tights under shorts is a big fashion thing. It's been big for months and months if not years and years, and every time I have a gander at Lookbook, I see at least a few people sporting the look. I wanted to try it. For months and months, if not years and years. But I wasn't sure how to pull it off or when (since I decided it was too casual for work, and since I usually just dress in pajamas for the weekend).

Today, however, I went to work only to find it was closed (and I even double-checked the calendar over the weekend to verify—don't know how I got that all wrong), so I went home and promptly changed into an edgy ensemble of black blazer over graphic T-shirt, a pair of shorts, black pantyhose, and sneakers, and a winter hat that didn't really match, but needed to stay on my head because my hair was all flattened.

Ta-da! I did it! And then I went shopping, so the whole world could get a dose of my fashion finesse.

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