Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What you don't see is the staples

When you first glance at this outfit I'm wearing, you might come to the conclusion I'm an Ohio State fan (I'm not). You might guess I'm going to an office Christmas party (I am, but that's just a coincidence). You will probably not postulate that it is held together by staples (it is).

I set out this outfit on Sunday night, but on Monday, the forecast was just too warm to wear long sleeves! On Tuesday, I had to do a presentation and wanted to look a little more professional. Finally on Wednesday, I was ready to wear my outfit. And only then did the problems start!

The neckline of the dress was too low and showed my bra. I pulled the dress up and hoped for the best. Then, when I got to work and took off my coat, I discovered the necklace had fallen apart and 2 of the three strands had disconnected from the clasp. Meanwhile, my dress had slipped down again and was showing more of the bra than ever!

In a moment of sheer genius, I decided to staple the necklace back together. That didn't work, but by bending the staple a few times around the errant strands, I was able to make it functional again.

I was on a stapling roll, and decided I might as well staple the dress to my bra to keep it from sliding down! That didn't work either, but forcing the staples through with my hands and bending the edges into place with some pliers did.

Style Tip Staples! The quick fix for any wardrobe malfunction!

Now, just a quick once-over of what you can see. I bought this dress on eBay for 12 dollars, and as soon as I got it, I was appalled at how boring and grey it was! What was I thinking!? Fortunately, I had the brilliant idea to spice it up with red tights and a red necklace. Now I have to say it's one of the most interesting outfits I've come up with this fall.

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