Friday, April 26, 2013

HVAC is the cruelest this month

Paradoxically, when the weather turns warmer, it gets colder in our office. Because they jumped the gun turning off the heat.

Now, with highs in the mid-60's, I'm forced to wear winter clothes all day. This is even more challenging, considering I put away all my winter clothes 2 weeks ago.

But the Unfashionista doesn't get bitter! No, she gets inventive!

This means I'm wearing lots of outfits comprising tank tops with jackets on top, and putting the pants in heavy rotation.

This particular outfit is a triumph of layering, in which I make a too-short jacket look good by putting it over an extra-long tank top (the tank top picks up the jacket's slack), pairing it with my favorite pair of pink pants (yes, they look grey in the picture, but they're not!) and a reliable pair of brown shoes.

I was almost warm enough today.

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