Saturday, April 13, 2013

Party Planning

Recently I commented to a coworker who goes to a lot of parties, "You go to a lot of parties!" He replied back, "You go to a lot of parties!"

I could not have got a better compliment if I had fished for it! To go from friendless nerd who's terrified of parties to someone who goes to a lot of them (or at least seems like it!) without blinking is truly an accomplishment.

In any case, this is what a social butterfly like me wears to a party.

It's nothing you haven't seen before; it's just a little more daring with the shorter tunic and tighter pants than I would usually wear together at the office. All day, I was wearing this outfit with a pale green tank top underneath and a mid-length black necklace, but after my shower, I switched it up to a black tank top and green jewelry, and I'm pleased with the effect. It adds a bit more polish and sophistication to my nighttime look.

And I'm off! Catch you at the next party!

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