Monday, September 16, 2013


I don't spend a lot of my dough on any given article of clothing, but when it comes to spending other people's dough, I never hesitate! My friend owed me money, and I asked him to pay some of it out in the form of this over-the-top cat tunic I found on eBay. (Here's a similar listing if you'd like one of your own!)

In the 6 hours that I wore it in public, it garnered me no less than 4 "I love your shirt!"s, including one from a T-shirt-shop representative! I can think of no greater honor.

Because of the wild galaxy background (finally added that 2013 trend to my wardrobe!), I felt like this shirt needed to be paired with some serious bling, so I broke out the cutoff shorts with the sequined pockets, the flip-flops with the bejewelled straps, and the sunglasses studded with rhinestones.

The glasses, by the way, are my token throwback. When was the last time you saw sunglasses with oblong lenses and no frames? For me, it was last year, when I accidentally destroyed the purple sunglasses I'd been carrying around with me since graduation (high school!)—thus opening the way for a spree of sunglass-buying that has seen my collection bloom from a mere 4 (2 of them being broken) pairs to 9—but that's another story. I saw these babies in Rugged Wearhouse and I knew had to take the risk. I figured the engraved details around the frames, and the tiny rhinestones embedded in the lenses, totally redeemed the glasses for being a decade out of style.

Here are some other glasses that are not in style.

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