Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Fairy Tale

Since this was the coldest day of the year (all 7 days of it, but also the coldest day in Maryland that I can ever remember), today's goal was simple: wear something nice that completely covered my skin.

A while back, I had gotten the notion that I really must wear this teal skirt soon, and black leggings seemed the perfect pairing to bring out its bright color. What to wear on top stymied me briefly, but finally I decided my black-and-white striped top would be a fun addition.

I was going to wear one of my many blue-green necklaces when my caviar-encrusted heart earrings started calling my name. I love those earrings, but they don't often complement my outfits well. Today they were perfect—a lovely color to go with the skirt, and just slightly playful, which I felt went along with the vibe introduced by the shirt. Since playful was getting to be the name of the game, I went for my unicorn necklace.

Originally I was going to wear the dramatic black boots pictured in Welcome / Back, but then it occurred to me that if I wore these black boots instead, I would be warmer (since they are fleece-lined), and I would be able to fold them over in the style of Puss in Boots, and thus inject a little fairy-tale aesthetic into my footwear—to make the unicorn feel more at home!

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