Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party's Over.

This is the first and last time I'll be wearing this dress, before I sell it away, so I thought I'd give it 5 minutes of fame.
It's one of those things that has been sitting in my closet for months, waiting for its moment to shine. See, I have this terrible compulsion to buy beautiful formal and cocktail dresses, but I never go to events where they are appropriate to wear. Consequently, I have a backlog of never-worn dresses just waiting patiently in my closet.

One Sunday in the recent past, I thought this dress would finally get its moment at a "wine party" put on by a couple of friends. Not being familiar with wine parties, I had high hopes that it would be a semi-formal occasion, but my boyfriend told me no, it would be casual gathering. And he was right. I wore jeans and booties and a somewhat elaborate black top with chains and fringe (why didn't I think to photograph that for my blog—oh, I remember! Because I had about 10 minutes to get ready), and I was the most dressed-up person there. But I digress.

After I failed once again to wear this relatively simple brown and pink dress, I decided enough was enough—It might be a strapless dress with gauzy fabric and a sweetheart neckline, but I was going to wear it at work anyway!

I covered up my shoulders and dressed it down as much as I could with a trusty old slouchy-looking shrug.

And now that that's over, I've had enough of it. It's just too hard to wear a party dress in a casual setting or at work, and I have plenty of other, more fun and colorful, dresses to wear for elegant occasions. So I'm selling it on eBay. Get it while it's hot!

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